Our mission

The nature of agriculture and land use is being disrupted.

Climate change and biodiversity loss are putting extreme pressure on farmers and land managers; but advice is expensive and hard to find. Meanwhile only 2% of companies can trace their environmental impacts to the ground.

We believe in creating a world where farmers and land managers are empowered to build diverse habitats and achieve net-zero food production. But without an efficient and fair flow of data and financial incentives that will not happen. That’s why we’re building platform for farmers and land managers to get nature on the balance sheet and share their good work with the wider public sector, finance and supply chains.

Who we are

Founded in 2020 by brothers Tom and Jamie,
Iceni is a purpose and product-driven team.

Who we work with

We work with farmers, land managers/developers, and the wider agri/land industry to achieve impact. We've also been supported by some of the best and brightest mentors and accelerators around.